Thursday, October 25, 2012

{These instructions are intended for informational purposes only, I will not be held resposible.}

Sudafed-found at your local pharmacy or department store. (must be 18 in America to buy)
Cold pack- The bags that you put in your lunchbox or on a swollen part of your body. Not the gel pack. Beads only, crushed.
Muriatic Acid-from your local hardware store
Lighter Fluid- (or starter fluid, grill lighter 8 oz)
Lye-found at your hardware store
Lithium Strip- from inside a AA battery

DIRECTIONS: Take a 20oz bottler and add your 8oz of coleman lighter fluid. Take 2 Lithium strips (Torn into small balls) from inside 2 AA batteries, then add them to the mixture. (MAKE SURE NOT TO GET ANY WATER ON THEM OR EVEN SWEAT OFF YOUR HANDS FOR IT WILL CATCH FIRE!). Add three tablespoons of crushed beads from a cold pack. Add 3 tablespoons of Lye crystals. Seal bottle, then shake. Once a reaction accurs, add an entire pack of crushed Sudafed (12 hours SINUS). Release pressure from your bottle to prevent explosion. Allow to react for 45 minutes to an hour (until your Lithium strips are copper-colored)

Make a gasing bottle. (This is what makes the methamphetamine). First, puncture a hole into the lid of another 20oz bottle. Then add an 18" clear "surgical" or "fish tank" tube. Once you have let your reaction sit, take a peice of aluminum and add it into your gassing bottle (the bottle with the hose). Drop a few drops of muriatic acid onto the metal inside the bottle. Quickly put on the cap with tube. Take the hose and put it into the liquid in your other bottle. "Snow" or white crystals should drop to the bottom. Once it has stopped, it is time to filter your liquid. Run the liquid through a coffey strainer. The white crystals left is the meth.